Transfer of money to Türkiye

If you want to transfer funds to Türkiye cheaply and quickly, then you have come to the right place.

For money transfers of EUR 1.00 or more, it is mandatory for the client to identify himself.

You can come to our nearest branch for identification or use the PostID coupon that you can here go to any Deutsche Post branch and have your identity checked using your passport and residence permit or, if applicable, your German identity card.

After the identification you can transfer the desired amount from your bank (house bank), via VakifBank International AG to the accounts at Türkiye Vakıflar Bankası T.A.O..

To do this, you must make the transfer from your own account to the following IBAN.

For amounts up to EUR 1,000.00, transfers are made either to TRY IBAN or EUR IBAN and from EUR 1,001.00 only to EUR IBAN of the recipient at T. Vakiflar Bankasi T.A.O.. 

Bank account of VakıfBank International AG:

Receiver name: VakifBank International AG

IBAN: DE51 5012 0900 0000 9605 00

Please complete the form you give to your bank according to the example below.

Amount: In this field, enter the transfer amount plus the transfer costs you wish to send.

Verwendungszweck bei Überweisungen auf das Konto:
Recipient First name Last name, 26-digit Iban number, Branch name

Your transfer from your bank will reach us within 1-2 working days and will be forwarded to Turkey within our business hours. 

In the case of transfers with incomplete information or missing identification, the incoming money will be returned to the account sent.

If you have any questions about Türkiye money transfers, you can contact us via the following communication channels:



Entgelte für Auslandsüberweisungen (Laufkunden)

Foreign bank transfer in EURO to Türkiye Recipient bank T. Vakiflar Bankasi in Türkiye
Up to EUR 200.00 EUR 6,00
from EUR 201.00 to EUR 500.00 EUR 7,00
from EUR 501.00 to EUR 1,000.00 EUR 8,00
from EUR 1,001.oo to EUR 2,000.00 EUR 13,00
from EUR 2,001.00 to EUR 5,000.00 EUR 20,00
from EUR 5,001.00 0.20% plus rounding adjustment to whole 10 cents
min. EUR 20,00
plus fixed expenses EUR 15,00

Do you have questions about Türkiye transfers?

We look forward to your call!

You can also reach us via our contact form or visit our branch.

We will try to process your request as quickly as possible.

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