Welcome to our internal whistleblowing platform of VakifBank International AG!


At VakifBank, we take compliance, ethics and integrity very seriously. We believe in a transparent and open corporate culture that enables our employees to report possible violations of legal regulations, company policies or ethical standards safely and confidentially.


Our internal whistleblowing platform offers you the opportunity to report information about possible violations or misconduct anonymously and securely. We create a safe environment in which you can report your concerns or observations without fear of reprisals.


How does it work?


Anonymous message: You can submit your information and reports anonymously via the whistleblowing form on this platform. We will ensure that your identity and personal data remain protected.


Comprehensive information: Please provide as much relevant information as possible to assist us in the investigation and assessment of the reported incident. The more detailed your information is, the better we can detect possible violations and take appropriate action.


Confidentiality: We will treat your report with the utmost confidentiality. Information will only be made available to those persons who are responsible for investigating and clarifying the incident. We will take all necessary steps to protect your identity unless disclosure is required by law or legal process.


No reprisals: We guarantee that there will be no negative consequences or reprisals for whistleblowers who report possible violations in good faith. Our corporate culture supports open communication and encourages employees to voice their concerns.


Note: Misuse of this platform or the deliberate misreporting of information may result in disciplinary action.


Thank you for helping to uphold our company values and standards. Together we create an environment based on integrity and transparency.


The whistleblowing system also includes the possibility of whistleblowing by former and potential future employees, suppliers and business partners. You can use the e-mail address whistleblowing@vakifbank.at for this purpose.


In addition, in accordance with § 10 i. V. m. § 15 Abs. 2 HSchG (Whistleblower Protection Act) we would like to name the following external addressees for the submission of information:


Financial Market Authority (FMA)


Otto-Wagner-Platz 5

A-1090 Vienna


Tel. (+43) 1 249 59 0

Fax (+43-1) 249 59-5499


The FMA offers a whistleblowing link on its website fma.gv.at.


If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact our whistleblowing contact persons.


Your VakifBank Whistleblowing Team